Date: 29-09-15

An Áit Eile is an exciting new website that we have launched for a not-for-profit cultural organisation that aims to take an autonomous, grassroots approach to the arts in the west of Ireland. Their mission is to foster and facilitate Galway’s creative community by providing a locally run platform and marketplace for our city’s musicians and artists. This means creating and developing a space within Galway city that will provide an alternative to the privately owned venue scene.


This space will incorporate a social space with coffee, food and local crafts vendors, an independent record store, a recording studio, rehearsal rooms, educational space, classrooms, artists’ studios, an art exhibition space and radical bookstore together with a comprehensive website which will become an open and inclusive cultural resource for Galway City.


The revenue generated by these activities will allow us to sustain the space and help us to avoid the pitfalls associated with state-subsidies or grants. This autonomy will encourage an inclusive, interdisciplinary approach that will empower those involved to determine Galway’s cultural future at a grassroots level. We believe that this form of local cultural engagement has the potential to affect real social change on a broader scale, and will allow us to forge a less precarious, more sustainable future for the arts in Ireland.

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